The secret of calm slacks ~About the fabric~

calm slacks ~About the fabric~

Hello! This is minori, director of calm160.

This time, I would like to talk about the fabric used for calm Tapered Slacks (I call them calm slacks).

What kind of fabric do you use for calm slacks?

Calm slacks use different fabrics for the outer material and the lining (also called the inner layer).

The outer material is made of a blend of 52% wool, 43% polyester, and 5 % polyurethane, and this time we will focus on the outer material.

The truth is, I wanted the outer material to be 100% wool.

Wool is an extremely excellent natural material and fits the concept of calm slacks, which can be worn all year round.

We are also conscious of using calm160 items that have as little environmental impact as possible.

Of course, factors such as comfort, functionality, and cost are also important, so I try not to push myself too hard by saying "as much as possible" (lol), but the calm T-shirts are also made from organic cotton, and the brand that comes with the clothes is The name tags are made from recycled fibers from recycled PET bottles, just a few things. It's just a little bit, but it's my small obsession.

With these thoughts in mind, I want to make slacks using wool, which is a natural material and has high functionality! That's what I thought.

Think wool is only a winter material?

image of wool

I said, ``Wool can be worn all year round,'' but some of you may be thinking, ``Wool is a warm material used for winter clothing, right?''

In fact, wool is a material that stays cool and comfortable even in the hot summer months.

As the name suggests, wool is wool. Since it is sheep hair, each fiber has a curly shape. These fibers are intricately intertwined, and air accumulates between them. This air acts like an insulator, preventing heat in the summer and retaining warmth in the winter.

Wool is also highly hygroscopic and absorbs sweat well. It seems that it has the characteristic of absorbing moisture on the inside of the fibers and repelling water on the outside of the fibers. Because of this feature, the absorbed moisture evaporates slowly, so you are less likely to sweat or get cold. Therefore, it is often used in sportswear and outdoor items.

What's even better is its deodorizing effect. The outside of the fiber repels water, making it difficult for odor-causing fungi to grow and preventing odors even when you sweat.

When you hear it like this, don't you think that wool is a really amazing material?

Reason for not using 100% wool

Calm slacks stretch well

However, with 100% wool, there was a problem.

  1. fabric costs are high
  2. Slightly less elastic
  3. May be difficult to maintain

② was especially problematic because all of calm160's items emphasize "comfort that can be worn both on and off." . I thought it was very important to be able to bend and stretch my legs without stress, so I really needed the fabric to have some elasticity.

So, I searched for various fabrics that could be made with wool and still have some elasticity, and I ended up finding the fabric I used for the calm slacks.

The blend ratio is 52% wool, 43% polyester, and 5 % polyurethane, and although it is based on wool, it also contains chemical fibers. This makes it easy to care for, such as stretchability, anti-wrinkle properties, and the ability to wash with water.

In fact, we use this chemical fiber made from recycled plastic bottle fibers. Here, too, I put in my small preference, ``I want to use materials that have as little environmental impact as possible.''

Try it out!

I have introduced the fabrics so far, but I think there are some things like the texture, which you can't really understand until you hold it in your hands, and the elasticity, which I focused on this time.

All calm160 items can be tried on for free. Returns and exchanges are possible within the period, so please feel free to try it out.

In addition, for inquiries regarding returns and exchanges, as well as consultations regarding sizes and items, please contact part-time staff member Sue on the official LINE page. Please also register on official LINE from here !

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