The reason why calm slacks do not require any alterations

hello everyone! This is minori, director of calm160.

I would like to introduce the reason why calm's slack pants "calm tapered slacks" require no alterations.
In fact, the first thing Calm released was the Calm T-shirt. We conducted a survey of the users who purchased the T-shirt,
“I really want pants that are just the right length!”
"Pants have to be re-hemmed every time, which is a hassle."
“I have trouble choosing pants because the design collapses when I cut the hem.”
After receiving a lot of feedback like this, we started developing calm Tapered Slacks.
When it comes to problems with pants for men around 160cm tall, the most common comment was that it was a pain to have to adjust the hem .
Therefore, let's make calm pants with the concept of "no alterations required"! It became.

Inseam design to suit heights around 160cm

The inseam size of calm slacks is 63cm. We had multiple men around 160cm tall try it on, and adjusted it many times until they found the length that was best for them. As a result, most calm users can fit the hem without having to adjust the hem.

Tapered design silhouette

The shape of the pants is a so-called ``tapered'' design, with a silhouette that gradually tapers from around the waist (particularly below the knees) to the hem. This has the effect of making your legs look slimmer and longer, and can be expected to improve your style.

Available in 2 sizes to suit your body type

Even if the length is just right, the sizes around the waist and hips vary. Available in 2 sizes: "Size 1" which is relatively straight type and corresponds to waists of 70 to 74 cm, and "Size 2" which is wide type and corresponds to waists of 80 to 84 cm. Size 1 has one tuck, but size 2 has two tucks, so there is plenty of room around the waist.

calm slacks size chart


I can't tell you all about calm slacks (lol), but I would like to introduce them little by little.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask using the chat icon on the bottom right!

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