First story of launching calm

calm160's first story

hello everyone!

My name is Miki Inada and I am the director of calm160 , a fashion brand for men around 160cm tall. Thank you for visiting this page.

For those of you who are learning about calm160 for the first time, I would like you to know why I decided to launch calm160 and my thoughts behind calm , so I decided to write this book. (Actually, it's a keyboard.)

I would be happy if you could read it.

Reason for launching calm160

Actually, I decided to start calm for a very personal reason.

My husband is around 160cm tall , shorter than the average Japanese man. So no matter what clothing store I go to, I can't find clothes that are just the right size.

Although he wears plain clothes in his private life, he is a businessman who works in sales. There are times when I meet customers in something a little more casual than a suit, and I can't wear something too casual even in the office .

That's why I go to stores that have a wide selection of sizes.

  • No XS or S sizes available
  • The shoulder width is just right, but the length is too long
  • The pants you can choose from are limited because the hemmed design will collapse.

In this way, you will no longer have to worry about not being able to choose the size that suits your physique.

Since I don't have any clothes that fit me perfectly, I try them on every time I try them on and decide that I can fit them if I accept the length a little. Since I had compromised and bought it, I ended up not wearing it because I thought, ``Maybe something is wrong after all ... '' I have had this experience more than once or twice .

I was the closest to see this happening, so I thought to myself, ``Why don't you find clothes in the perfect size that you're satisfied with? I'll make them for you!!'' That 's when Calm started.

It all started for very personal reasons: I wanted to solve my husband's problems, and I wanted him to be able to wear clothes more freely and enjoyably.

The world that calm160 aims for

Calm started with a very personal reason, but when we released calm T- shirts through crowdfunding, many people who were facing the same problems as my husband purchased them.

Many people came to support this unknown brand.

We also had the opportunity to hear from the first users about their fashion concerns due to their height of 160cm and what they had experienced so far.

I realized that there are many people who think the same way as my husband, and I want Calm to be more useful for my husband and everyone who has the same worries as my husband (you, the person who is looking at this page!). I started to think strongly.

Calm sells clothes for men around 160cm tall, but we are not just a clothes store.

Based on the concept of ``having an exciting experience that doesn't depend on your natural physique,'' when choosing clothes, buying them, and letting go of them, these three moments create a feeling of excitement that makes you think, ``Wow! It's starting to be a little fun!'' We want to become a brand that can provide the following.

---Additional note--

In January 2023, we were incorporated as Five Meters Co., Ltd., and the calm160 brand management also made a new start as one of the company's businesses.

“A new culture centered around 160 men will create a prosperous tomorrow.”

With this vision in mind, we plan and develop services and products for 160 men that are not limited to fashion.

We hope that you will continue to support calm160 .

Brand Director Miki Inada

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