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Perfect fit calm Tshirt

Perfect fit calm Tshirt

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Perfect fit for men around 160cm! A special simple T-shirt


shoulder width
Sleeve Length

calmT-shirt Shoulder width and body width size


Available in 2 colors: white and black


[1] Design that makes your body look beautiful

This T-shirt is sized to fit perfectly for men under 164cm tall.

We also paid attention to details such as adding slits to make the legs look longer.

[2] Bringing practicality and business together

Since we want you to wear it every day, we used binder sewing to increase strength around the neck so it won't stretch even after washing.

In addition, the position of the pockets and hem length when wearing a jacket have been carefully calculated so that it can be worn for business purposes.

[3] Materials that can be worn at work and at home

The yarn is made from medium-length organic cotton originating from India.

The soft and stretchy jersey fabric blends well with your skin and can be worn even when you want to relax at home.

The hand-spun texture of the fabric gives it a casual feel that is unique to T-shirts.


·cotton 100%

·made in Japan

●From the brand director

Of course we were particular about the length and sleeve length, but we were also particular about the fabric.

Even though it's 100% cotton, it doesn't look like underwear. But I want it to be soft... After thinking about it, I came up with a stress-free T-shirt (lol).

Recommended for those who find that ordinary T-shirts cause their necks to become stiff and painful.

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